Are you tired of re-visiting the same problems over and over? 

Well, ignore the fact that you need a new lens and approach and you will continue to waste time, money and resources indefinitely.   We promise The Dynamic Balance Methodology℠ will produce predictable results.  Leave the vicious cycles behind and engage your organization in a game-changing process leading to cycles of sustainable positive outcomes. 

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The MissingLogic Approach:

The Lens

 You’ve been experiencing the same problems over and over in your organization and you want to break free of the vicious, repetitive cycle. We will provide you with a new lens that will forever change your view of recurring problems.  Using unique tools and processes in The Dynamic Balance Methodology℠ we will coach and guide you to diagnose your priority polarities, identify predictable results and create action strategies that over time lead to your desired short-term outcomes and long-term objectives.



The Integration

We do not want you to be dependent on us, so we are dedicated to building the capacity of your organization to leverage The Dynamic Balance Methodology℠ and polarities by developing the knowledge, skills, and expertise amongst members of your organization.  This expertise can be leveraged to weave Polarity Thinking™ into the culture, processes and strategies of the organization and assure your ability to not only differentiate between problems to be solved and polarities to be managed but take actions that lead toward sustainable outcomes.


The Community

Share and expand your knowledge and wisdom by engaging with a learning community of MissingLogic colleagues.  In this community you will have opportunities to network and learn with and from others using The Dynamic Balance Methodology℠.  In addition, you can engage in scholarly activities with access to research and outcome resources and benchmarking data.